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    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is a public university established in 1991. It has been consistently viewed as one of the top three research universities in Hong Kong.

    The university campus occupies a 0.60 square km site which is constructed along the slope of the surrounding hills, Port Shelter is visible from virtually every building on campus. Arranged in cascades, the buildings are connected by walkways and balconies that offer a spectacular view of the South China Sea.
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How to get to HKUST

       From ShenZhen Baoan Airpot to HKUST

1. Baoan Airport (宝 安机) to Luo Hu () (or Fu Tian Port 福 田口岸)

Option 1: Take the Shenzhen Metro (MTR) system: Take the green line (Luo‐Bao Metro Line) : Airport East (场东) to Luo Hu () (9 RMB; 68 min).

Note: if you go to Fu Tian Port, then transfer to Blue line at Convention Center (会 展中心) to Fu Tian Port (福 田口岸).

Option 2: Take the Bus 330 to Luo Hu station (20 RMB; 45 min).

Option 3: Take a taxi to Luo Hu (~120 RMB; 40 min)

2. Get into Hong Kong through Luohu Port (湖 口岸) or Fu Tian Port (福 田口岸).

3. Take Hong Kong MTR to Choi Hung Station (彩 虹). (35.7 HKD; about 50 min)

Take the East Rail Line (Blue Line) from Luo Hu (or Fu Tian) to Kowloon Tong (九 龍塘), and then transfer to Kwun Tong Line (Green Line) to Choi Hung.

4. Choi Hung (彩 虹) to HKUST

Option 1: Exit from Choi Hung station at Exit C2, take the minibus NO.11 to HKUST (5.9 HKD; 15 min).

Option 2: If you have a big luggage, you may need to take Bus 91M (To Po Lam 寶 林) to HKUST (6.4 HKD; 30 min). Bus stop site for 91M is around 100 m far from Bus No.11.

Option 3: Take a taxi to HKUST (around 80 to 100 HKD, 15 min).

Other routes: You can go directly to Hong Kong by bus from Shenzhen Baoan Airport. You can find the bus information in the airport. There are several stop sites in Hong Kong depending on the bus you take. After arriving in Hong Kong, take a taxi or find a way to the MTR and then follow the way mentioned above to HKUST. But this way may sometimes cost more money and time.



       From Hong Kong Airport to HKUST

Option 1: Taxi (approx. HKD 280, 45 minutes)

Option 2: Take airport express train (機 場快線) to Tsing Yi (青 衣) (HKD 60, 11 minutes), then take MTR and transfer several lines to Choi Hung (25 minutes). Exit from Choi Hung exit C2 and get to HKUST with the ways mentioned above.

Option 3: Take the bus E22A at airport bus station to Po Lam (24 HKD; 90 min), then take bus 91M (To diamond hill 鑽 石山) to HKUST (5.4 HKD, 20 minutes). Although this way is most economic, it is not recommended for people first time coming to HK as it will cost long time and also may get you lost.


Notes: Airport express train, MTR (mass transit railway = metro), buses, and minibuses all accept the multi‐use Octopus card for fare payment. Otherwise you need to pay cash, with no change given in buses and minibuses. You can buy an Octopus card in the airport arrival hall and every MTR station. Permanent deposit HKD 50 + minimum stored value of 100 (deposit and remaining stored value are refundable at the s same counter at the airport when you leave, or at MTR stations). Remember to ask for receipts if you need.



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